I haven’t had much time for Emacs Redux lately, but I wanted everyone to know that I plan (hope) to go back to writing here at some point. I still love Emacs just as much as always, and my backlog of topics for blog posts keeps growing. I’m still maintaining all of my Emacs open-source projects, although probably not as well as I’ve been doing so in the past. I’m still convinced that:

  • Emacs is Magic
  • Emacs is Power
  • Emacs is Fun
  • Emacs is Forever

Lately most of my blogging has been happening over at Emacs Redux’s sibling blog Meta Redux. Recently I wrote there a few articles that I would have normally published here, if it weren’t for the Meta Advent blogging challenge I participated in. I assume that most of the Emacs Redux readers don’t follow Meta Redux, so I’ll list those articles here:

I hope you’ll find them enjoyable and useful! Until next time!