Christmas is here! Is your Emacs ready for it?

Emacs is famous for having a major mode for any and every occasion, but does this hold true for Christmas? I was shocked to find out this morning that there’s no christmas-mode or christmas-tree-mode! Still, I did manage to figure out a way to optimize my Emacs for the holiday season, at least for the people living in countries where the holidays happen to be during the winter.

If you’re feeling cold and you need some extra warmth in your life Emacs can certainly help with that! Enter emacs-fireplace. It’s a major mode that turns your Emacs into… a cozy fireplace.


So, just enable the mode with M-x fireplace and bask in the warmth and glory of Emacs. Using the mode is super simple (consider pressing C-* to enable smoke) and I guess you’ll be able to figure out the details by yourselves.

Merry Christmas! Merry Mxmas! Until next time!