Last month marked 10 years since I’ve started “Emacs Redux”. The blog’s mission I outlined in the very first post was the following:

It’s time to bring Emacs under the spotlight once more and showcase its unique advantages over the more “traditional” (conventional) text editors and integrated development environments.

Welcome to Emacs Redux! In this blog, dedicated to the One True Editor, I’ll be sharing with you useful tips and tricks to make your experience with Emacs more productive and more enjoyable.

In hindsight it’s hard to say whether I did well or not. I certainly shared a lot of tips and tricks. Many of the handy commands I’ve introduced in the early articles ended up in the crux package. On the other hand - I don’t think I did much exploration of the fundamental strengths of Emacs. Oh, well - you can’t win them all!

The blog had some ups and downs and some years I wrote almost nothing here. I guess this was a reflection of my level of inspiration, shifting interests, priorities and various life challenges. Today I don’t use Emacs nearly as much as when I started “Emacs Redux”, but it’s still an integral part of my toolbox and I still love it. And I still enjoy sharing Emacs tips and tricks that I discover on the life-long journey called “mastering Emacs”.

Some random trivia & stats:

  • I wrote 188 articles in total here
  • 2013 was my most productive year with 68 (!!!) articles
  • 2017 was my least productive year with only 2 articles (written on 31.12)
  • Seems that my most popular Emacs Redux articles ever are about using Emacs with WSL (e.g. this one)
  • Emacs Redux started as an attempt to spin-off the Emacs content from my original personal blog. Funny enough all of my “essays” on Emacs still ended up there.
  • I’ve started to use Emacs in 2005 on my first programming gig (I was a C programmer back then)
  • In the period 2004-2005 (my first year working in Unix) I was a vim user
  • I wrote my first blog post about Emacs in 2008
  • Projectile and Emacs Prelude were my first major OSS projects
  • Emacs it the One True Editor that will bring balance to the Source

When I draw the line probably I’m the person who learned the most from “Emacs Redux”, which is fine by me. I can only hope that some of my dear readers found something of value here as well. I make no promises for the future, but I’ll do my best to keep “Emacs Redux” alive (and useful) for another decade to come. In Emacs we trust! M-x forever!