From time to time people ask me about my personal Emacs configuration. Other just assume that I use Prelude. For a very long time my personal configuration was pretty similar to Prelude - in a way it was a staging ground for things to go into Prelude eventually (although changes would travel both ways when Prelude users suggest some cool things).

Recently I’ve decided that in the future I want to do a few things with Prelude:

  • extract as much functionality from it as possible into reusable packages (e.g. super-save and crux)
  • adopt there use-package
  • improve the support for Windows (because now I have a Windows computer)

As part of these efforts I reworked my personal config into something pretty simple (it’s a single init.el file) and I’ve started experimenting with ideas for the future. Stay tuned for the results!

The config is available here. Perhaps some of you will find something useful there.