The problem with Emacs blogs is one can never have enough of them (especially the good ones).

I’d like to draw my readers attention to two new blogs:


lunarsite is not exactly new (it was started in March 2014), but I don’t think enough people have come across it, so I’m mentioning it here anyway. It’s operated by one of the most prolific members of the Emacs community in recent years - the great Sebastian Wiesner (of flycheck and cask fame).

If you’re thinking of writing your first major mode - you’ll find some great advice there.

Endless Parentheses

Endless Parentheses is a brand new blog started by Arthur Malabarba. It’s dedicated to concise posts on improving your Emacs productivity.

The content so far is similar to the articles I write here, so if you like Emacs Redux you’ll likely enjoy Endless Parentheses as well.