Most Emacs users know that they can start dired (Emacs’s file browser) with M-x dired or C-x d. That would display a prompt in the minibuffer asking which directory to open with dired (the current directory will be suggested as a default).

More often than not you’ll probably want dired to display the directory of file you’re currently editing. You might even want to have the cursor positioned over that very same file in the dired buffer. There’s a cool command that does exactly that - dired-jump. To use it you have to first load the built-in library dired-x:

(require 'dired-x)

You can run the command with C-x C-j (M-x dired-jump). No prompts, no wasted time. You’re instantly teleported to the currently edited file’s position in a dired buffer.

This command works out-of-the-box in Prelude.